Robotic Cystectomy

Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer

Robotic cystectomy performed for bladder cancer can be performed in a man or women. Advantages of robotic cystectomy include significantly less blood loss, less perioperative pain, and possibly faster return of bowel function. The surgery is performed similarly to radical prostatectomy in a man or robotic hysterectomy in a woman. The robotic camera and instrument trochars are placed slightly higher however in the abdomen to enable the surgeon to free the ureters higher up toward the kidneys and to perform a full lymph node dissection. Depending on the type of urinary diversion planned, usually either an ileal conduit or ileal neobladder, your surgeon will then make an incision to complete the reconstruction. The decision to perform robotic cystectomy versus an open radical cystectomy is patient specific and dependent on a number of factors. Dr. Berkman will discuss all these options with you prior to surgery. To understand more about how a robotic cystectomy is performed see Robotic Prostatectomy.